Causes of Tooth Staining:

Age: Teeth darken over time as a result of stain accumulation and normal wear and tear.

Translucency and Thinness: Teeth that are thinner and more transparent, oftentimes the front teeth, tend to lose their pigment over time.

Eating habits: Drinks such as red wine, soda, coffee, tea, and deeply colored foods such as oranges and carrots can cause considerable staining if habitually ingested.

Smoking habits: Nicotine causes discoloration through brownish deposits that slowly soak into the structure of the tooth.

Grinding: Teeth grinding (gnashing, bruxing, etc.) can cause additional micro-cracking in the teeth, hastening the build-up of stains and debris.

Trauma: Injuries can produce sizable cracks in the teeth, which are more susceptible to staining and debris build-up.

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